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I remembered an arcade filled with different machineries that can play with your mind saying to it, "play me.....play me....." . I was an eight year old child finding for the best and popular game to play so that i will not be left out by anyone in the arcade.

After walking around the arcade for two times, I finally found the best game which intrigued me the most, Animal Kaiser. There were so many people just queueing up just to play this game. That game was about getting diffferent rarities of cards from a range of common, rare, epic, and legendary. The legendary cards have only one percent of getting it in a single machine.

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So after playing the game once, I immediately got hooked to the game. I spend my time playing Animal Kaiser with strangers and friends as it was a 'hot' game at that point of time. I spend 2 dollars every game and normally one day can make me spend about 20 to 30 dollars just worth of Animal Kaiser. I even when all out to use my savings just for this game.

Although what i am going to tell you next is even more special and interesting, i hope that this will let everyone take not that gaming should be controlled at times. But I mean I'm a gamer, so i can understand how every gamer will feel.

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