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Everyone was shocked . Yun che disappeared and appeared in the same place . Xiao Yulang and Xiao Yang are dead . Even chu yueli was shocked by his display of power .

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" Grandpa i think you should tell the truth about me to everyone " Yun che said to his granda Xiao Lie

" Xiao che you are blood related to Xiao clan . Your surname is Yun . Even through you are not my biological grandson . You will always be my Grand child " Xiao Lie reviled the truth .

After some time all the crowd left .Yun che went near the building where Chu yueli is at as he said " I know You are there come out and show your self ." Yun che shouted he used his ability 'Room' ( using ope-ope fruit) because of his low cultivation he can over up to 200 meters . Chu yueli landed in front of him . she is already entered into his domain .

" I know you are Xia Qingyue master . You are from Frozen Asgard one of the seven fairies . I wanted to have a deal with your Frozen Asgard .what will you say " Yun che asked Chu yueli .

" What kind of deal you want " Chu yueli didn't want to get on his bad side . seeing his skills she assumed that he should have a powerful master . so she didn't dare to disrespect him .

" I want you take my Little aunt and grandpa to your sect . In exchange i will help you open all of your profound entrance and also for all frozen Asgard Disciples , and also help your sect to pass through thousand year calamity ." as Yun che finished speaking . Chu yueli was looking at him with did belief .

" Don't look at me like that i will first open all of your profound entrances than you can decide whether you can trust me or not " Yun che proposed a solution . Chu yueli agreed . Yun che put his hand on her shoulder he send his profound energy and all her profound entrances are opened .

Chu yueli looked at him as she looking at a monster . as she replied " Ok i will agree with your deal "

" Good i cannot come to your sect directly . i will come after Blue wind ranking tournament . Also remember you should tell this secret to your Asgard mistress and Grand mistress . But the way tell your mistress to come to tournament with all the frozen Asgard Disciple it is very important . Keep this as a small gift to your sect " as he said he gave her pills and two pill Recipes

" The red bottle contains Foundation establishing pill which used to solidify your foundations after

you breakthrough a minor or major realm . white one contains Energy gathering pill which can gather profound energy 4 times faster ." After explaining about pills he and chatted a while before saying goodbye .

Yun che went to his Room he saw Xia Qingyue waiting for him as he smiled . He explained about her meridian problem, he made her heart open to him .saying about his mother and her being a desciple of frozen Asgard and he said i know this a gift for you

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