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temaprev > Worlds of Our Own > 1 A Beginning Like Any Other Any Real Nerd Would Want To Try This
He was just like you and I, an average human from the planet Earth. (Capitalized because..... Dunno.) He died, just like an average person on Earth when magically traveling to another world, by being run over. Or did he drown? He doesn't really know (Or care.), he just knows that in this life. He will become a true god. Creating and destroying worlds on a whim, throwing lightning, riding winds, traveling through space, storing items and living things in a space of his own. He will have it all.

After all, he was on a planet being born, as far as he could tell. And, like all good online novel reading fanatics, he's heard the term 'cultivating from the womb' many times in his long life of being a loser. He's already, in fact, started cultivating.... Well, or whatever you could call it. He was just drawing energy towards himself madly in a foolish(or lucky) attempt do cultivate. He was making a universe of his own with all of the cells in his body, spreading the energy he was collecting between them.

Each cell of his undeveloped body was being flooded by the energy he was absorbing from around him, occasionally bursting, changing, and being remodeled. He slowly realized how it was being changed and how concentrating energy on certain cells and directing them changed them, so he utilized his rudimentary knowledge of biology and cultivating(From all of the novels he read.) and made himself better. In his opinion, anyways..... Every cell has a world. Almost. He'd change them all to it later, he believes. Though, of course, were incredibly small worlds currently, filled with only energy. Well, he intends for them to be worlds anyways.

He may have messed with cell structure as it should be, but who cares? It is his body, after all. He made all cells into a mashup of what it really is supposed to be. Every cell has it's own world to provide energy to the rest of the cell, and it's also a mini brain for him as well. They could originally think on there own in the first place, after all. He just made the actually useful for other tasks than the one they were assigned. That may have also been a part of what increased the size and strength of his soul. Maybe he could infuse parts of his soul inside them to make them better later? Once he found out how, he didn't want to ruin his soul at all. He didn't mind experimenting with his body, but until he knew how, or he got bored enough, the soul was off limits for him. He didn't break the rules of biology too much.... Or did he?

He knew way more about the body.... Though, admittedly, not much, than the obtuse concept of his soul. Yeah, biology class was a pain anyways. Let us pray for any soul trying to find real technological information from a story. They need help. He only needs it to work for his situation. If it worked or didn't for others? He really did not care.

Right now, he could only say that he was still a blob of nothing. He intended, at first, to make all of his cells into dantians

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