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An Exclusive love

Author: Yao Yao Zhi Xin

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Updated: 2021-10-02 02:33:10

Latest chapter: Chapter 269 You Keep On Pretending, Little Girl

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《An Exclusive love》Latest chapter
Chapter 269 You Keep On Pretending, Little Girl
Chapter 268 Giving You A Chance To Be A Supporting Character
Chapter 267 Little Miss, Did You Get a Plastic Surgery?
Chapter 266 Carry You for the Rest of My Life
Chapter 265 Never Be Able to Wake up Again
Chapter 264 Last-Ditch Vengeance
Chapter 263 So It's All Fake?
Chapter 262 Secret Research Lab
Chapter 261 The Head of the Jiang Family
Chapter 260 The Harsh Truth
Chapter 259 What Exactly Have You Guys Been Hiding from Me?
Chapter 258 A Disappointing Outcome
《An Exclusive love》' main text
Chapter 269 You Keep On Pretending, Little Girl
Chapter 268 Giving You A Chance To Be A Supporting Character
Chapter 267 Little Miss, Did You Get a Plastic Surgery?
Chapter 266 Carry You for the Rest of My Life
Chapter 265 Never Be Able to Wake up Again
Chapter 264 Last-Ditch Vengeance
Chapter 263 So It's All Fake?
Chapter 262 Secret Research Lab
Chapter 261 The Head of the Jiang Family
Chapter 260 The Harsh Truth
Chapter 259 What Exactly Have You Guys Been Hiding from Me?
Chapter 258 A Disappointing Outcome
Chapter 257 Settle Everything Before I Die
Chapter 256 Xiao Rui's Birth Parents
Chapter 255 He's My Grandson!
Chapter 254 Of Course I Would Know the Actual Day You'll Be Having Your Period
Chapter 253 A Symphony to Make Love To
Chapter 252 Kissing Another Man Right in Front of Me
Chapter 251 Hot Kiss at a Party
Chapter 250 The Jiang Family's Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 249 Bedside Silhouette
Chapter 248 Xin Qing's Anchor to the Windward
Chapter 247 Xiao Rui's Pedigree
Chapter 246 Life-And-Death Fever
Chapter 245 My Reaction to You Is Purely Physical
Chapter 244 The Man Under Surveillance
Chapter 243 There's Something Inside His Body
Chapter 242 Now Everyone's Here
Chapter 241 We're Trapped Here
Chapter 240 Threatened You with Sex?
Chapter 239 Miss, Would You Like Some Flowers?
Chapter 238 I Can't Bear the Thought of Losing You
Chapter 237 You and Her, What Did You Do Together?
Chapter 236 You Brute!
Chapter 235 Beg! Beg Me and I'll Tell You
Chapter 234 Your Flesh Is Worthless
Chapter 233 I Want to Be a Part of Caesar's Board of Directors
Chapter 232 Don't Disgust Me With Other Men
Chapter 231 Who Sent the Note?
Chapter 230 I Want to Make Him Remember Me!
Chapter 229 Finally Returned
Chapter 228 Try to Like Me
Chapter 227 An Unexpected Gues
Chapter 226 The Secrets of the Ying Family's Ancestral Behes
Chapter 225 Accident During the Opening Ceremony
Chapter 224 The One at the Helm of Xin Enterprises!
Chapter 223 He's Dead...
Chapter 222 I Heard Him Calling Me!
Chapter 221 Hypnotized
Chapter 220 I'm the Only One Allowed to Bear His Children
Chapter 219 Why Not?
Chapter 218 Are Your Afraid of Spiders?
Chapter 217 A Wild Boar Falling Down From the Sky
Chapter 216 Oh, Babe, You're Very Sensitive Lately
Chapter 215 Have a Child with Other Women
Chapter 214 Standing Guard over You for Three Days and Three Nights
Chapter 213 Let Me Give You a Massage
Chapter 212 Left My Lipstick in Your Car
Chapter 211 Fainting on the Treadmill
Chapter 210 Just Let Me Die, Then!
Chapter 209 Her Bikini Fell Off
Chapter 208 Seeking out Your Wife to Give Me a Daughter
Chapter 207 Sick and Twisted Love
Chapter 206 A Chaotic Booth
Chapter 205 My Legs Are Sore
Chapter 204 It's My Son
Chapter 203 Who Will You Choose?
Chapter 202 Never Ever Forgive You
Chapter 201 Stab Her to Death
Chapter 200 Never Trouble Trouble till Trouble Troubles You
Chapter 199 Fighting for a Man?
Chapter 198 Did I Get You Naked?
Chapter 197 Your Wife Is Making a Short Movie!
Chapter 196 Stop Fucking...
Chapter 195 Do You Know What a Husband Is?
Chapter 194 I Can't Get Enough of You
Chapter 193 Only a Fool Would Die for You
Chapter 192 On the Subway...!
Chapter 191 Good Girl, Don't Cry!
Chapter 190 Two Xin Qings
Chapter 189 You Want to Kill My Baby!
Chapter 188 Everyone Has the Bithcy Days
Chapter 187 Let Ah Sha Go with Me
Chapter 186 The Condition Is That You Can't Touch Other Women.
Chapter 185 We're Getting Married!
Chapter 184 I've Stashed It in My Underwear
Chapter 183 Record a Video Clip for You
Chapter 182 Who's the Child's Father?
Chapter 181 She's Pregnant!
Chapter 180 Wake Up or I Will Take off Your Pants
Chapter 179 Send Yourself as a Gif
Chapter 178 Is His Underwear Also Here?
Chapter 177 I Won't Be Leaving Tonigh
Chapter 176 Lie on Top of Me
Chapter 175 Are You Ready?
Chapter 174 Quick, Take Off Your Pants
Chapter 173 Why Won't You Sleep with Me...
Chapter 172 We've Had so Much Fun!
Chapter 171 I Saw Her Naked
Chapter 170 Can I Court Your Ex-Wife?
Chapter 169 Storage Room Intimacy
Chapter 168 Woman, Did You Just Give That Man Your Money?
Chapter 167 Xin Qing's Pursuer
Chapter 166 You're a Pair of Adulterers
Chapter 165 Ah Sha's Food Poisoning
Chapter 164 Tonight's the Night of Consummation
Chapter 163 Xin Qing's Underwear Cabine
Chapter 162 I Choose to Leave
Chapter 161 He Has Married Someone Else
Chapter 160 How Can I Make You Happy
Chapter 159 Keep the Promise and Get the Divorce
Chapter 158 The Condition of Treatmen
Chapter 157 Regardless of Whether You Remember
Chapter 156 You Are a Stranger to Me Every Day
Chapter 155 Take a Bullet for You
Chapter 154 Bury Your Woman Together with You
Chapter 153 I'll Treat You as My Responsibility
Chapter 152 The CD in Her Handbag
Chapter 151 Santa Claus
Chapter 150 The Man Who Disappeared at Midnigh
Chapter 149 Best Friends Who Love And Try to Kill Each Other
Chapter 148 You Wanna Try Too?
Chapter 147 I Want This Man
Chapter 146 Chance Encounter in the Gambling City
Chapter 145 Give You a Wedding of the Century
Chapter 144 Come, Let's Try!
Chapter 143 You'll Inherit Everything After You Sleep with Her
Chapter 142 What's Your Proof?
Chapter 141 The Truth, One That She Felt Compelled to Divulge to the Stepmother
Chapter 140 Overlord of the Underworld
Chapter 139 You're the Lady of the Ying Family
Chapter 138 You Should Call Me Father
Chapter 137 Carve Your Name
Chapter 136 Still Wonderful?
Chapter 135 Infertile?
Chapter 134 I Want to Go to the Hot Springs with You.
Chapter 133 Look for Her!
Chapter 132 A Woman's Scheme for Love
Chapter 131 That Woman Has Intentions Towards Me
Chapter 130 Help Me Approach That Man
Chapter 129 Sign the Papers, Woman!
Chapter 128 Be Careful of My Mother
Chapter 127 The Woman Who Climbed to Status Once Again
Chapter 126 What a Year It Has Been
Chapter 125 Every Whip Was a Blow to His Hear
Chapter 124 In That Case, You're My Sister-In-Law
Chapter 123 I'm Sorry, I Was Wrong
Chapter 122 So You Were Planning to Kill Me
Chapter 121 On the Brink of Truth
Chapter 120 I Want That Woman in Jail
Chapter 119 She and I Are Together
Chapter 118 You're Keeping a Gigolo Behind His Back
Chapter 117 I Like You, Xin Qing
Chapter 116 I'm Leaving
Chapter 115 Still Remember That Time on the Back of a Horse?
Chapter 114 I Don't Feel Like Sharing a Room With You
Chapter 113 Good Girl! I Miss You Too
Chapter 112 How Can I Be Turned on by Her?
Chapter 111 Don't Move, or I'll Strangle Her to Death
Chapter 110 Acciden
Chapter 109 Please Return My Daughter to Me
Chapter 108 Sisters Reunited
Chapter 107 When Are We Getting Engaged?
Chapter 106 From Now On, We're Even
Chapter 105 Before His Very Eyes
Chapter 104 Who's Trying to Kill Me?
Chapter 103 Shi Qianqian's Strategy
Chapter 102 You Clearly Like It Very Much!
Chapter 101 How Dare You Be With Another Man Behind My Back...
Chapter 100 Scandalous Photos
Chapter 99 I'm Her Husband!
Chapter 98 A Love-Hate Family
Chapter 97 Of Course I'm Sleeping Here
Chapter 96 William's Proposal
Chapter 95 She Stole a Diamond
Chapter 94 Xin Qing's Diamond Mine
Chapter 93 Long Workout Time
Chapter 92 So You're the Clien
Chapter 91 Reject Me, and You'll Lose Your Opportunity
Chapter 90 The Best in the Academy
Chapter 89 Promise Me, and the Design Will Be Yours
Chapter 88 A Half Naked Designer
Chapter 87 What Do You Think I Will Take You to Do?
Chapter 86 I Won't Take Him, Even for Free
Chapter 85 On the Train...
Chapter 84 Why Do You Follow Me?
Chapter 83 Study Abroad
Chapter 82 I Want to Leave You
Chapter 81 I Hope You Leave Him
Chapter 80 A Sudden Visit of the Father-In-Law
Chapter 79 Xin Qing, I'm Pregnan
Chapter 78 Rebirth of Xin Yudie
Chapter 77 Acciden
Chapter 76 Xin Qing! Marry Me
Chapter 75 Ying Qingcang, Is It You?
Chapter 74 I'm Dying
Chapter 73 She's Waiting For Me...
Chapter 72 Abducted
Chapter 71 Please Adopt This Child
Chapter 70 Because He Could No Longer Have Offsprings
Chapter 69 Stop! There're People Passing by
Chapter 68 Please Forgive Me
Chapter 67 Xin Qing Falling off a Horse
Chapter 66 Call You Aun
Chapter 65 Run Faster
Chapter 64 A Stepmother Who Is Younger than You
Chapter 63 We Were Both Drunk
Chapter 62 Did You Spy on Me?
Chapter 61 Don't Settle Accounts with Me Like a Stranger
Chapter 60 Drive Him into a Corner
Chapter 59 Bankruptcy
Chapter 58 Police Came
Chapter 57 A Chance Meeting At the Mall
Chapter 56 2 Swimsuit's Fabric
Chapter 56 1 He Won't Marry You
Chapter 55 You Are Not Worthy of Ying Qingcang
Chapter 54 He Has A Cousin?!
Chapter 53 This Is My Fiancée
Chapter 52 Say It Again, Say You Like Me!
Chapter 51 Was He to Be Engaged?
Chapter 50 Deprived
Chapter 49 Please, Please, You Gotta Help Me
Chapter 48 Hot Spring
Chapter 47: I Bought You
Chapter 46 You Wanna Marry That Man?
Chapter 45 - I Have Hands
Chapter 44 - A Friend?
Chapter 43 - I would have given you to Boss Huang!
Chapter 42 - It's all over, I saved you
Chapter 41 I Love This Woman
Chapter 40 - Xin Qing’s Missing
Chapter 39 Be honest!
Chapter 38 What Did He Do For Her
Chapter 37: Regretting
Chapter 36. First Love
Chapter 35. She'd Rather Embrace The Puppy Than You
Chapter 34. It's Impossible That He Likes Me
Chapter 33. A Wonderful Show
Chapter 32. His Abnormal Behaviors
Chapter 31: Do You Want My Money?
Chapter 30: Going To The Xin Family Again
Chapter 29. You Sold Me Ou
Chapter 28 Her Injured Forehead
Chapter 27. By The Table
Chapter 26-Try Something New
Chapter 25. Ying Qingcang Is Mild Outside But Wild Inside
Chapter 24-This Dress Is Very Suitable for You
Chapter 23: It’s For You
Chapter 22: Her Friends Knew Her Secrets
Chapter 21: His Gentleness
Chapter 20: Requirements?
Chapter 19: Unspeakable Secrets
Chapter 18: She Was Kept?
Chapter 17: He’s One of My Classmates
Chapter 16: Xin Qing, Just Wait And See
Chapter 15: The First Full-moon Nigh
Chapter 14: The Calculations of The Mistress And Her Daughter
CHAPTER 13: Two Sisters In The Same School
Chapter 12: The Money Is What You Deserved
Chapter 11: I Am The Young Miss Of Xin Family
Chapter 10: Your Work Is A Copied Version
Chapter 9: Your Performance’s Not Good Either
Chapter 8: She Will Be His "Partner"?
Chapter 7: On Aircraf
Charpter 6: I Didn't Do It On Purpose
Chapter 5: It Will Not Happen
Chapter 4: I Feel Sick
Chapter 3: Cos
Chapter 2: You're Worth 20 Millions
Chapter 1: Find Out the Truth in Hospital