MellowGuy The Phoenix Hero
"Mama, tell me about the Phoenix Hero!" Lily asked her mother. "Mmm... okay. He lived three thousand years ago in Gentlebreeze continent. He was just a commoner who appeared suddenly and became the greatest hero our world witnessed or will ever witness. There is a legend... A citizen once asked him where did he come from, and the Hero gave out a weird reply. He said Seattle Real Estate Office...
Heaven_Trampling The World Dungeon
Hans Stein was a young man hospitalized since his late childhood by an unknown disease. A disease that took everything from him. ... Or so he thought... ... On the day he died, his soul - heavily mutated and modified by the "disease", ripped itself to pieces, only to reform somewhere else entirely. A world of magic, monsters, adventurers, and places only the mind could imagine. ....
firekid Trials For Survival
The Trials... For some, it was a chance to become strong. For the strong, it was a chance to go crazy. For everyone, it was a chance for survival. For Alex, it was a chance for revenge. System / Magic / Guns / Robots/ Scifi / Fantasy I do not own the image. Credits go to darksouls1 on pixabay.
Nadii_ Naisha: Tangle You with My Love
This is a story of Naisha Kingswood, one day by accident she ends in the maternity ward, and by fate, she ends becoming two adorable children's mother. _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Naisha is stuck in a loveless marriage, the man she married with all her hopes become a disappointment. She thought he wasn't like that before they got married. She loved him and he loved her. Well...
ruchika_mangeshwar I wanna stuck with you
HE always wants to wins over her but he knows deep in his heart that She's one for him always.