Kingofeverything Death's Chosen Across the Multiverse
I summon death death is a she? death is in love with me? I am deaths master? follow me as the master of death as I take the entire existance by storm
QUASAR_MAGELLAN Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
The only concept more thought about than what is happening in our lifetime, is what will happen in the next lifetime. Turns out, in this universe the place you will be going to in the afterlife is the planet where your greatest characteristics can shine, or some type of accomplishment. Unfortunately, so is every other human in history, and the only people you can trust is your reincarnated countrymen...
SeventhLord Lightning Master in Marvel
working on this while i try to get more ideas for my other novel summary: dude gets erased from existence by god so he gets 5 wishes one of which is going to marvel disclaimer: i do not own marvel if they want it down i will do so

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